Develco Coatings Metal Roof Application

Develco chooses to use Inland Coatings elastomeric roof products, because it offers a strong, flexible synthetic rubber membrane that resists water, corrosion, and weather extremes. It is extremely effective for waterproofing as well as sealing seams, fasteners, and penetrations. The metal roof application system can be used in renovating metal roofs of all types and shapes, and the final result will leave you with an elastomeric fluid applied membrane that protects against roof leaks and deterioration from weather elements.

Our ENERGY STAR-labeled product offers a reflective finish coat that dramatically reduces roof temperatures, keeping the building cooler while also eliminating many problems related to frequent expansion and contraction. Inland Coatings has 12 standard colors and with minimum requirements can provide custom colors to fit your needs.  With over 35 years of experience, Inland Coatings is the trusted name for cool roof restoration products and systems. This is Why Develco stands behind Inland's Product.

Develco Coatings Modified Bitumen & BUR Roofing Applications

Our supplier Inland Coatings has developed two roofing applications for your Modified Bitumen roofing system. The first is a solvent-based, strong, flexible rubber membrane that is water resistant and can be used for new and aged MB roofs as well as smooth BUR systems.

The second coating is a water-based, flexible, all-acrylic membrane that resists blistering, asphalt staining, and UV exposure. This acrylic membrane is compatible with new and aged MB systems. Both coatings offer a highly reflective finish that keeps the building cooler while eliminating heat-related expansion and contraction issues.

Inland Coatings roof restoration products saturate and seal exposed reinforcement scrim, seams, and other problem areas. They provide a strong yet flexible membrane that eliminates leaks and extends the life of the roof substantially.

Develco Coatings TPO Single-Ply Roofing Application

Our synthetic rubber membrane can be applied to fully adhered and mechanically fastened single-ply TPO roofing systems.

Both strong and flexible, the rubber roof coating protects the entire system from leaks and degradation, extending the life and improving the performance of the roof.

Additionally, our rubber roof products have an incredibly high reflectance rating at 87%. The reflective roof coating not only shields the TPO system from harmful UV exposure, but it also keeps the roof cooler, which means your energy bills will be lower.

Develco Coatings EPDM Single-Ply Roofing Application

Our supplier Inland coatings has developed an elastomeric rubber roof coating to seal and reinforce the existing membrane, protecting it from UV radiation and eliminating leaks. The flexible, synthetic rubber roof membrane is water resistant, and it also resists damage caused by high and low temperature extremes. Our liquid rubber application can be used for mechanically fastened or fully adhered single-ply EPDM roofing systems.

In addition to the improved durability our product offers existing roof systems, the liquid rubber roof coating is also highly reflective, earning an ENERGY STAR label for is efficiency. The white, reflective finish coat keeps the building cooler by minimizing the roof’s surface temperature. By reducing heat-related expansion and contraction, our roof coating minimizes stress at seams and fasteners, keeping them stronger for a longer period of time.


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